See Stuttgart from below and above

The Stuttgart Stäffelestour includes a walk through both the valley and hills of Stuttgart. Located in the valley are the sights everyone should see while visiting Stuttgart, such as the Old Palace, Schillerplatz (the old Castle square), the Market Hall (Markthalle), the New Palace, the Opera and Stuttgart’s „Cultural Mile“.

After learning about the city’s architecture and history we will begin our walk up steps (the „Staffeln“), which lead us to the hills of Stuttgart. The Eugensstaffel takes us to Eugens Square and then the Hillerstaffel takes us to a small cannon house. After walking through an elegant area of the heights above the city, the Gänsheide, we will walk on to the Villa Reitzenstein, the residence of the prime minister of the State of Baden-Württemberg, located on the Richard-Wagner-Heights. From there you can enjoy a breathtaking view of downtown Stuttgart. One of the most beautiful steps in Stuttgart is the Sünderstaffel, which takes us back down to the valley and city center. The word „Sünder“ means sinner. It will be revealed why these steps were named „Sünderstaffel“.


Guided tour


approximately 2 hours


Maximum of 25 persons


Auffahrt auf den Fernsehturm, Kosten pro Person 7 Euro


  • 195,00 Euro per group


By appointment


By phone, mail or E-Mail at least three days in advance of the requested date.