Classical guided tour

A stroll through upper and lower parts of the town

This tour will take us to the most famous sights in the ancient medieval city of Tübingen. We will visit the Neckar riverfront with the Höldernin Tower, Bebenhausen Hospital (once a tithe barn), the Stiftskirche (Collegiate Church of St. George), the Old Aula (auditorium), the Protestant Stift (Protestant Monastery), the Market Place (Am Markt) with the Town Hall, the Grain House and of course the Castle Hohentübingen.

We will take a walk through the history of Tübingen and hear about peculiarities of the city and its people. We will listen to stories about witty figures, weird characters and loners, who can eventually be found in this place.

The tour starts at the idyllic Platanenallee, providing a picturesque view of Tübingen, and turns to the Neckar riverfront with the Hölderlin Tower. We will continue to walk up to the Castle Hohentübingen, stopping at the Stiftskirche and the Town Hall on the Markt. The walk takes us along the Manor Houses once inhabited by the academics of the University. Afterwards we will walk down to the lower part of the city, the Wengerter, the neighbourhood of the Winemakers. Here we will hear some storys of the simple people. Their ironic and sarcastic humor. „Gogenwitz“ is still alive and in use today.


Guided tour through Tübingen
Stocherkahnfahrt (boat trip on the river Neckar) may be included


approximately 1.5 hours
approximately 2 hours for the tour including a boat trip

Number of participants

Maximum of 25 persons


  • 75,00 Euro per group for tour without a boat trip, or

  • 129,00 Euro per group for tour including a boat trip


By appointment


By phone or E-Mail at least three days in advance of the requested date.